Rachel Comey

Rachel Comey


    "Easy clothes for cool customers with discerning eyes" is the way Rachel Comey describes her collection... leave it to the inventor to hit the nail on the head! Embrace your coolest self in Rachel's intellectual arts-and-crafts chic.

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    Get Sculpted in Rachel Comey Shoes, Earrings, & More

    One silhouette draws another. Rachel Comey knows that, and women know that they can depend on her work.

    As a trained sculptor, she sees the body a little differently and the lines of fabric that fold around a body even more so. Rachel Comey uses this training and unique perspective to design some of the most incredible, edgy designer clothing collections. Comey herself describes her clothes as “easy clothes for cool customers with discerning eyes”, and it’s pretty clear to see what she means.

    The fresh mix of textures, sleek and balanced lines, and the drawn silhouettes she creates took shape from her first works. These were a novelty underwear collection she created while working at an art gallery, and on-stage costumes for her boyfriend’s band in NYC. This started Comey on a new journey, creating a small line of menswear in 2001.

    Her push into fashion was further propagated when women began picking up her menswear pieces in the smallest sizes. Was it the prints and the graceful details? Or was it the sculpting that these pieces offered to the human body? She began to press into women’s wear and designer accessories before spreading across the globe, one step at a time, until we all caught on. Now we simply cannot let go. Her designer sandals, women’s mules and clogs, treadline skirts, mentor jackets, and dalmation earrings are striking pieces we can’t wait to wear.

    Get sculpted, with the chiseled lines and artfully neutral tones of the Rachel Comey collection at Cabana Canary.