We love a good pair of sunnies, and our favorites by far are the frames of Illesteva. Their combining of the quintessential coolness of the NYC gal with European expertise craftsmanship gives us the perfect accessory to add mystery, effortless je ne sais quoi, and chic style to our everyday look.

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    Illesteva Sunglasses Are Hand Crafted for You

    We all know that a good pair of designer sunglasses can change your entire look. They alter your face, protect your eyes, and are often the cherry on the perfect Sunday outfit. It just so happens that Illesteva are the kind that you want to tilt down your nose to glare seductively at your lover, or dance in the meditteranean sun . We could probably think of a million ways to wear even just one pair of Illesteva sunglasses.

    That’s just one reason we’re shouting their name from our site. The other reasons lie in their creators. Illesteva sunglasses was launched in 2010 by Daniel Silberman, who traveled to Italy in the year before the launch to find artisan craftsmen to help manufacture a brand dedicated to craftsmanship and value.

    They’ve retained that level of craftsmanship even now, hand-making every frame in family-owned shops in Italy and France. It takes a full 90 days and 50 steps to create just one frame, but it shows the true dedication of this brand, to create designer eyewear that is truly crafted for the individual.

    Since Illesteva’s beginnings they’ve expanded into beautiful designer accessories such as designer umbrellas and top designer handbags with that same draw of New York City chic street style and European craftsmanship that keeps us coming back for more. The heart of their business may remain expertly crafted designer sunglasses for men and women, but we’ll come back for anything they put on the shelves.

    Find your next favorite pair of eyewear in the Illesteva Collection at Cabana Canary.