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For years, Merry Vose ran a small boutique out of the backyard cabana at her Devonshire home in Dallas. It was like a speakeasy for shoppers. When the city of Dallas shut her down (zoning violations - so rude!), Merry viewed it as an opportunity to establish her taste in a legitimate retail operation with the same - somewhat secretive - unique shopping experience.

CABANA came to life in 2006 in a small house on West Lovers Lane. The cozy shop was transformed into a Bohemian beach bungalow inspired by the Harbor Island cottages Merry adores. Only a lavender door and scalloped awnings mark the spot of the services "in the know" clientele. Inside you'll find well-edited picks from favorite contemporary collections.

As CABANA thrived, Merry and her lovely, loyal customers started to desire more. To give the people what they wanted, CANARY was born in 2013. The shop is also on West Lovers Lane and just a hop, skip and jump west from CABANA. Known for serving up delicious iced tea and focused on showcasing emerging designers, Canary offers a well-edited brand mix and irresistible finds in a luxurious, feminine atmosphere.

Approachable, fun and always fabulous, Merry is a part of the Dallas community and knows where her girls are going and what they need to be wearing to feel confident. Our site was created to make CABANA and CANARY even more accessible. Just like in our stores, we style pieces in an imaginative yet functional way - unexpected but wearable. Along with our personalized styling we have detailed notes on how every piece fits and snippets of why we love it. And just like our stores, we are always here to connect with you directly - call or email us if you ever have a question while shopping or ordering!

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