WHY WE LOVE k. jacques:

    These sandals are an absolute must and beware, there is a self-help number that you can call when you become addicted. The quintessential summer staple to your footwear wardrobe, we always bring you the ultimate in both basic and whimsy.

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    Warning: K Jacques Sandals Are Addictive

    Beware of the sandals from K Jacques! You’ll become addicted, and there is no cure. These would be worn year-round if it weren’t for winter, when we fall in love with knee-high and black ankle boots. But any other time of the year K Jacques sandals are a dream.

    Why do we see ourselves walking through our dreams in these? How does K. Jacques know what we all want so well? Perhaps because this started as a dream of their own. In 1933, Armenian refugees Jacques Keklikian and his wife Elise opened a small shop in St. Tropez. This quaint coastal town in France is close enough to Monaco you can make a stopover for a gold flaked dinner. Now that sounds like a dream.

    Jacques was a gifted craftsman early on and began manufacturing basic leather shoes by tracing feet onto cardboard pieces. After the basics were put together, Elise would turn them into divine gifts with a couture edge.

    Even in their early days, celebrities took to the brand like the salted air of the Riviera to that idyllic town where these fine designs began. He captured the minds of painters, writers, filmmakers, and the famous likes of Brigitte Bardot and Oliver Hardy. This automatically set the course and taste of the brand, and it has stuck with the world through today. They are now icons for their metallic leather, studding, and colors. They offer that bit of elegance even the stars spotted decades before.

    Get your own bit of luxury, and turn your dream of wearing the most comfortable and glamorous leather sandals into a reality.