WHY WE LOVE sea:

    The collaboration of best childhood friends, Sean and Monica, Sea is designed for the effortless, optimistic, romantic and modern woman through its spirited and wildly versatile collections. You could have a wardrobe solely of Sea and feel like the best-dressed girl on the block!

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    Sea: Casual, But Always Cute Dresses

    The collaboration of best childhood friends, Sean Monahan and Monica Paolini, Sea New York is designed for the effortless, optimistic, romantic and modern woman. It features spirited and wildly versatile collections with beautiful Sea dresses, blouses, and even pants. Sea proves that casual can also be chic and sophisticated with delightfully wearable pieces that will fit in with any wardrobe.

    When Monahan and Paolini decided to start up their own brand, they combined vintage with modern, feminine, and boyish, for a unique look and feel. Though their collections are always casual and comfortable, they also reflect a certain elegance that quietly shines through. Texture plays a strong role with lace, embroidery, and other crafted textiles woven into simple, classic silhouettes.

    A Sea collection is not the type of fashion you’re likely to see splashed in advertisements on your favorite social media channels or websites. Instead, you’ll see it worn by celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Alba. But just as often, you’ll find Sea dresses and clothing worn by real women on the street, going about their daily lives with fashionable and chic casual clothing that’s designed for life.

    While the brand started and continues to grow in the Big Apple, its inspiration is truly global. These are looks that are at home in Mexico City, Johannesburg, or Milan. In fact, Sea may just be the perfect wardrobe choice for travel. Part of the reason is that fabrics are sourced from far and wide: English mohair, Japanese denim, Indian fabric treatments, and classic Italian cotton. Hand embroidery and traditional fabric crafts reign supreme across Sea collections.

    From ruffled cotton dresses to oversized wool coats, there’s a sense of whimsy and a hint of romance in each piece. This is truly effortless fashion, casual but polished, charming and playful, quiet yet eye-catching. There are pencil skirts for the office, tie-dye for the weekend, and embroidered organza tops for brunch with the girls. With so many versatile pieces to choose from, you could have a wardrobe comprised solely of Sea and feel like the best-dressed girl on the block!

    The perfect Sea girl is pretty, bohemian, artistic, cheerful, easygoing, and devoted to finding the beauty in life. She doesn’t compromise between comfort and style, instead insisting that each piece of clothing in her wardrobe is both easy to wear and pleasing to the eye. She knows who she is and what she’s about and she won’t let anyone or anything stand in her way. She dresses to please herself, not to fit someone else’s mold. She wants fashion with a soul, design with heart. Could you be a Sea girl?