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    Tanya Taylor brings modern feminine shapes to life through an artful use of color and original prints. She knows where the modern woman is going, and promotes the lighthearted attitude of women who celebrate the art of dressing.

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    Express Your Femininity With Tanya Taylor Designer Clothing

    With her artfully printed sundresses and flattering tones that fit all types of femininity, Tanya Taylor has fashion for the modern woman. Tanya Taylor fashion speaks with electricity, possessing women with a fearless optimism and confidence. Her designs are meant to tell a story – your story, as well as her own.

    Tanya Taylor was born in Toronto, surrounded by incredibly fearless women who taught her from an early age how to be bold, both in life and in fashion. As a part of that upbringing, she quickly struck out on her own, moving to London and New York City to study design with a concept in mind. She wanted to inspire all women to live in color, to feel good with fashion that considers them. To her, clothes were a tool to achieving that feel-good confidence that makes women powerful. With real women in mind, she launched her label in 2012.

    Bold prints, vivid colors, feminine lines for everything from sundresses to sequined womens blazers and embroidered, stylish work jackets – soon all of it lined the shelves. Her signature collection pieces became synonymous with feminine empowerment and were donned as a way to be both bold and feminine. This line changes everything we’ve been taught to believe about our clothing. Floral prints no longer equate to being delicate and women’s suits are no longer drab and grey.

    Every woman should feel empowered. By wearing clothing that is imbued with optimism and using fashion like a shield to ward off negativity, you can do anything. Be bold, with enigmatic designer clothing from Tanya Taylor.