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Citizens of Humanity



    Quickly becoming our go-to Monday morning jean, this favorite denim brand has something to offer all of us……flattering styles for petite cuties to glamazons….these are a no brainer when you want to get dressed in a flash!!!

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    Citizens of Humanity – Designer Clothes to Live For

    Wanna know our secret to feeling good? It’s looking good. That’s why we always have a pair of Citizens of Humanity designer jeans within easy reach. They’re our go-to weekend jeans. Slipping them on is like sliding into a hug. Like diving into a pile of pillows and comforters. You get the idea. These designer denim jeans are to live for.

    How did they manage such a comfortable, flattering fit? By using their hands, of course. By controlling their production. They keep everything in-house, and do much of the work by hand. In fact, each pair of their jeans passes through the hands of about forty of their skilled craftsmen. Oh, but we can’t forget the material either. Their team scours vintage markets across the globe, finding the most authentic washes to make the best fitting jeans. Details like this separate Citizens of Humanity from the rest of the denim closet. They’ve also pushed the name into designer fashion fame.

    Truth, these jeans have captured more than just our attention. Remember the premium denim craze of the early 2000s? Citizens of Humanity is to thank for that. Right from their start in 2003, their focus on comfort and sophistication took the market by storm. It started with Founder Jerome Dahan, who grew up in France in the 60s and 70s, but moved to Malibu in his early 20s. The blend of the two cultures – the laid back and the refined – created this divine brand and it’s cult following. But it’s their continuous devotion to staying in our closets that keeps us wanting more.

    Get a pair of Citizens of Humanity designer denim jeans. Or choose one of their darling designer tees. We promise you’ll want to live in them forever.