All of La DoubleJ’s creations—from its content, editorial projects and pop up shops, to its product design and wildly patterned showroom in Milan—are distilled through a lens of pure joy, eye-popping print and love of all things maximal and dedicated to all the gorgeous girls who rock it with style.

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    La Double J: Eye-Catching Designs Featuring Vibrant Colors

    Take a trip to Italy. Wander crowded plazas and shop tiny boutiques. Soak in the Italian sun and marvel at the vibrant heart of the Northern Italian region. Let Milan make its mark on your heart and soul. Do all this and you might begin to understand the wonder and jubilance of La DoubleJ.

    If you want to wear the very best fashions from Italy, La DoubleJ is your go-to source. In 2015 J.J. Martin, an American fashion journalist with a passion for vintage, started a Milanese fashion brand. It didn’t start the way you think, but then nothing about this brand is what you might call predictable.

    Instead of creating a dress, an accessory or even a runway collection, La DoubleJ began with the digital written word. Martin’s website featured content detailing her life as an American living in Italy and her writing went viral quickly. With a trending travel blog up and running, the next step was to begin selling her delightful collection of vintage jewelry and colorful fashions.

    For this, she tapped into a resource found at home. Her husband, Andrea Ciccoli, is co-founder of The Level Group. His brand is all about taking luxury into the digital world, forming partnerships with some of the world’s top fashion brands. Ciccoli’s digital expertise and marketing know-how combined with Martin’s storytelling and passion for creative and colorful vintage patterns to birth a new fashion brand, La DoubleJ.

    The La DoubleJ label is a fun line full of life and energy. With origins in unique vintage pieces, this vibrant lifestyle brand is now taking the world by storm. In the collection, you’ll find beautiful archival prints, delightfully joyous home goods, and plenty of vintage pieces too. There’s even a line of jewelry and beauty products to round out the La DoubleJ experience. The collection is designed to be ready-to-wear, featuring clothes that will spark excitement and brighten up your world on even the gloomiest day.

    La DoubleJ’s creations include everything from web content, editorial projects and pop up shops, to product design and a wildly patterned showroom in Milan. These achievements are distilled through a lens of pure joy, eye-popping print, and love of all things maximal. La DoubleJ is dedicated to all the gorgeous girls who rock it with style. If this sounds like you, why not grab a colorful top, vintage dress, or flowing skirt from the La DoubleJ sale collection today?

    Highly detailed graphic prints, vibrant saturated colors, and simple designs that let the wearer move freely have become a hallmark of La DoubleJ. Martin tells the stories of the women she meets in Italy, through words, photographs, and fashion too. She has managed to blend the beauty of her unique storytelling style with fabrics and shapes that touch the hearts of her fans. We’re excited by the launch and growth of this fun fashion line, and we can’t wait to see the future of La DoubleJ.