TRAVE founder and LA designer I.J. Kim has been collecting, studying, and reconstructing vintage denim for years, all with the goal of putting that dream pair in your closet. With a distinctive free-and-easy style that’s focused around artful fades, cool details, and casual fits, TRAVE jeans nod to the past while retaining a contemporary feel, resulting in a look that’ll always be timeless.

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    Trave Jeans Should Be the Foundation of Your Wardrobe

    If you haven’t heard of Trave yet, you will. Launched in 2018, Trave is a denim brand that is quickly rising to “OMG, I need these” level. We already can’t get enough. Trave jeans are foundational, and we mean that literally.

    Trave is an architecture term meaning “a formal support structure against which others can rise”, and we fully support this. The brand itself rose from beginnings that aren’t common in the fashion world. All the better if you ask us. This uniqueness created a spectacular designer brand.

    It was started with I.J. Kim, a Seoul, Korea native who wore a uniform every day and studied college level calculus, chemistry, physics, and biology while still in the seventh grade. He was so enraptured in that world that, when his family moved to the United States and he saw the proliferation of denim, he was suddenly awoken. He was captured by the way denim aged with their owner, how it vividly told the tale of that person’s life and style, and he began collecting vintage designer jeans.

    Still, his eventual path didn’t quite hit him until he spent some time as a successful mechanical engineer, and “learned to appreciate the fundamental elements of everything”. Thus, his brand began to take shape with the idea that denim should be the foundation of your entire wardrobe and every piece that goes with it should be supported by it.

    Now, his vintage-inspired designer denim pieces are featured in closets around the globe. Get support for your wardrobe, with designer jeans from Trave.