Megan Park

Megan Park


    Why we love Megan Park:

    Her Australian roots inspire each and every collection. Feminine always, edgy rarely, there is something that always works about Megan Park's collections. She wants a woman to feel like she's wearing something right for the season, and we always agree.

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    Megan Park Has Transcended Fashion

    Megan Park has her own interpretation of fashion, and it caught the industry like a storm. She blew into the Vogue offices in London in 1998 with her first collection and walked out with the good news that she’d be featured in the prestigious and fashion-forward magazine. It took only two weeks from that day for her summer dresses and tops to be sold to some of the biggest brand name stores in the industry – Neiman Marcus and Barney’s among them.

    So what is her secret? We all want to know.

    She keeps her team tight-knit, working with a solid group of artisans. Everything is designed in house, and every piece is worked on by the same tailor or embroiderer from beginning to end. This practice amplifies the volume of love and attention that each piece gets, and her hope is that you feel the craftsmanship and decide to keep each piece and love them just as much. This dedication to creating a perfect garment every time isn’t the only thing that makes Megan Park designer clothing so worthy of possessing.

    She wanted to transcend fashion, be feminine but timeless and modern. She wanted women to feel that they were wearing exactly what was right for the season, but that they weren’t also being held to that either. It’s this tantalizing blend that has quickly pushed her brand across the globe, stretching due to demand into trendy womens jewelry, a home collection, children’s clothing, and even a holiday range.

    Women yearn for her designs, and we have to admit we’ve been swept up by them too.