Founding force behind Libertine, Johnson Hartig aims to immerse those who have the moxie to don his unique designs in a whimsical trip where old school meets new school. It's never a dull moment once you wear these sparkly designs… spin into an inspired fantasy richocheting between art, fashion, history, travel, and flourescence microscopy cell research!

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    Libertine Clothing: Liberate Yourself

    Libertine is an outlier in the fashion world, and it’s completely intentional. Like everything in society that has a cult following, it was born out of humanity’s rebellious streak and a desire to be different from everything else. Libertine stands against the oppression of the common, combining small niches of interesting and bizarre obsessions, to create an army of fashionably liberated rock stars.

    It all began in 2001 with Johnson Hartig and Cindy Green, combining old and new school tastes to create designer t shirts, jackets, and more. They featured graphics, sublime screen printing, illuminations, crystals, and embroidery, to create a fashion trip through whimsy. He paved the way for the embellishment movement that we see today, warning that only those with true moxie could take up his pieces.

    Later they began collaborating with Damien Hirst, an 80’s and 90’s young British Artists movement leader and world class contemporary artist. They also began to collaborate with fine french leather bags and goods makers Goyard. Yes, Libertine is championed by celebrities such as Mick Jagger and Cher, known for their rebellion, and is picked up by socialites and artists alike. But don’t confuse this for tailoring to the elite.

    While the rich and famous grapple at these designs, Hartig has simultaneously told them exactly what this high culture means by flipping the script of the high fashion market by collaborating with brands like Converse and Target. With this in mind, there are many levels to his designs – things you can only find in one place at one time. This is a bit of rebellion in every way. Join the rebellion by putting Libertine designer clothing in your closet.