Why we love IRO:
    Flirty and French are the buzz words that every effortless girl strives for in her quest for those favorite wardrobe pieces. IRO delivers with their quintessentially Parisian spirit. Particularly fond of their jackets and flippy skirts, we are fans of their feminine approach to classic dressing.

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    IRO: Effortlessly Cool Attitude

    Most think romantic florals, stunning couture, and soft silhouettes when French fashion is mentioned, but the designer dresses and skirts created by IRO are something a bit edgier. Inspired by rock-n-roll and a love of music, IRO founders Arik and Laurent Bitton wanted to take their clothing line in a different direction, aiming for an effortlessly cool and an effortlessly cool attitude with boho silhouettes. The pair’s aesthetic remains uncomplicated and nonchalant, which is unlike many of the mainstream designers within French fashion today.

    IRO designs combine the world of music and Parisian romanticism, and take inspiration from Japanese culture and even styles from 1970s America. It’s a unique, almost unbelievable combination you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. The team at IRO consistently study the busy city streets to ensure their designs fit the spirit of their consumer.

    In France, the Britton’s brothers’ parents ran a boutique women’s line called Somebody. This rooting in French fashion gave them everything they needed to know before starting a line of their own. With a strong connection among existing successful designers, Arik and Laurent had a solid understanding of what was missing from the French market: Edgy street style that still resembled haute couture.

    It’s easy to see how the Bitton brothers have seamlessly combined the relaxed rock-n-roll style with stunning silhouettes fit for the French runways. Whether you’re searching for the perfect designer skirt, a rocker-chic designer jacket, or a beautifully tailored blouse, you simply can’t pass on IRO designs. Each collection created by IRO says something a little different but still feels authentic to the designers’ roots.

    Since their founding in 2005, they’ve spread to 70 different stores across the globe and are highly sought by celebrities like Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore. Whether you’re in Paris or in the streets of New York City, you’re sure to draw envious stares when you dawn IRO designer clothes.