Golden Goose

Golden Goose


    Why we love Golden Goose:
    Oh how we believe in the Golden Goose sneaker and boot. How does this Italian brand know just what we want to bee-bop around in each season? The price can blow a newbie's hair back, but to the seasoned lover, they will always tell you "bite the bullet!"

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    What makes Golden Goose brand sneakers so special? How do they know exactly what we crave? Truth be told, Golden Goose didn’t get their start like other brands. Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo were outsiders for many years. They were simply a couple with a passion for fashion and art, but with no formal training in design. Even without training, they started their Golden Goose brand in 2000.

    The line began with a vision of artfully distressed sneakers. Rinaldo and Gallo wanted these shoes to be seen for what they are – an emotional product that looks as though they’ve already had a good, adventurous life. By slipping them on, you’ll carry that spirit and build your own good, adventurous, chic life.

    To accomplish this, Golden Goose started with the artisan craftsmanship that is embedded into the Italian shoe market. They combined it with retro styles and well-loved intentional distress. With that, they’ve created the finest runners, leather cowboy boots, “Francy” high tops, and vintage slide-on sneakers. These are shoes that your wardrobe isn’t complete without.

    Indulge yourself in a good pair of Italian crafted shoes. You’re sure to love the beauts from Golden Goose. Those who wear them, know that a good pair of shoes can change your outfit, your mood, and your life. That’s exactly what Golden Goose has captured. You can see it in the purposeful distress, the rugged glam, the overture of luxury in their designs... Ahh.

    We say, “bite the bullet”. Lace up a pair of Golden Goose shoes, and take a step towards adventure.