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Frank & Eileen


    Why we love Frank & Eileen:
    Hello! How many do you already own? How many are on your wish list? I see lots of hands in the air! Our closets are full of their checks and stripes and plaids and prints……why? They are the best.

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    Frank & Eileen Designer Women’s Shirts Made From Love

    Could we ever really have enough Frank & Eileen designer shirts? I don’t think so. We’ll just have to expand our closets. The iconic plaid, stripes, checks, and prints of Frank & Eileen are too good to pass up. Not only are they flattering to our figures, but the fabric is practically a second skin.

    What we love about this brand, beyond the designs and swathing fabric, is the worldly feel of this brand. Audrey McLoughlin founded Frank & Eileen in Los Angeles. Her extensive travels were her inspiration. Wanderlust mingled with thoughts of her Irish grandparents, Frank and Eileen. Their love story, a tale of dedication and generations of love and integrity, is at the core of her designs. She wanted to design sophisticated women’s shirts that would stand the test of time. They’re just like the love between her grandparents: items worn and loved effortlessly. These garments are adorned with confidence and the assurance that they would last.

    She began by warping men’s traditional button-down shirts. Then she reinvented them with otherworldly fabrics to achieve her goals. Italian fabric is woven by a family-owned, centuries-old textile mill. Then it’s fashioned into a relaxed “California fit”. Rose-gold hardware, tailored sleeves, and raw hems add that extra bit of sophistication.

    These pieces are versatile, empowering, and simply beautiful. Sophistication at its most relaxed. Designer fashion that will never go out of style. This is why we continue to stuff our closets with button-down designer women’s shirts from Frank & Eileen. You should too.