WHY WE LOVE closed:

    You should not live another day without a pair of Closed denim. Haven't heard of it? It's hard to find so likely your most fashion knowledgeable friend is keeping a secret. This brand does it all so well……color is always on fleek, fit is divine….come join the club!

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    Closed Designer Jeans: Made for You & the Planet

    We don’t want to live without Closed designer jeans. Not because their fit is as divine as a Greek goddess. Nor is it that their vibrant colors could light our way through dense fog. It’s that they stay true to the core of their brand: craftsmanship and sustainability. Maybe that’s why their designer denim is so hard to find. If we didn’t keep them in stock, who knows what we’d have to do to get our hands on a pair. But you better believe it would be worth it. Did we mention their fit is divine?

    Closed denim began in 1978. Social responsibility was ingrained into their core right from the start. Beyond delivering us the best premium jeans on the market, they wanted to be the eco-friendly denim line (without being called an eco-label). Like any god or goddess, they believe they have a responsibility to take care of the planet. They keep travel short between production partners, and transport items by land instead of air. With innovative techniques, they use less water, energy, and chemicals on eco-friendly materials. They even have a line of recycled fabrics that cuts down on waste even further. The steps they take for sustainability and a greener planet go even further. They never throw away or destroy unsold products. The company leases bicycles to employees. They take the train for business trips when possible and use green electricity. At their shops, showrooms, and headquarters, they’ve replaced plastic bottles with glass. They work with charities for children and to reduce greenhouse gases. The list goes on. In other words, they’re an eco-designer brand that you can trust.

    It’s the core of this brand that we love. Their dedication to sustainability, and their devotion to their European heritage. They’ve been blending French attitude and fashion with German tradition and Italian craftsmanship from the start. If they keep those elements in their designs, we’ll be buying their designer pants for as long the planet is alive.