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Antik Batik


    Why we love Antik Batik:
    Maybe the mother of the Bohemian revolution, Antik Batik's authentic voice screams "boho chic!" Natural materials, playful patterns, and spectacular colors make this a cult favorite!

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    Antik Batik Clothes, Bags, & Other Bohemian Steals

    Antik Batik is a bohemian icon! We swear by this brand for its playful styles, vibrant swaths of color and striking patterns on the most luxurious fabrics. We couldn’t dream of being without Antik Batik clothes in our closets.

    It’s no surprise that Antik Batik rose to become one of the fashion world’s favorites. In fact, Gabriella Cortese, the creator of Antik Batik, began dressmaking at a young age. Some would even say she was born into this. She learned embroidery and dressmaking from her grandmother, after all.

    It only accelerated from there, when she moved from her home in Italy and took a job at Crazy Horse in Paris. There she became enraptured by the body. Her further travels through India, Tibet, and beyond, gained her the knowledge of the art of Batik, bandhani hand-dyeing and more embroidery techniques. This inspired her fashion label Antik Batik.

    Her brand is a lifestyle, a token to her travels and love of many cultures, colors, and patterns of life. As we hug her designs to our bodies and bask in the feelings her textiles evoke, we cannot help but see a different side to life.

    Antik Batik is a capsule of the world’s most divine colors, and as they swirl around us, we are entranced. Wear her designer jackets, her fabulous sequin embroidered women’s jumpsuit, her printed designer blouses, needlepoint 2-piece, and west dotted designer belt. There’s a bohemian spirit in all of us, and Antik Batik will have you wearing it.