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    Ok, so you've heard of fast fashion. Take that, and think of the exact opposite: timeless, colorful pieces made with love by hand that will last you a lifetime. That's An An Londree's goal with their collections, all designed with sustainability in mind.

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    Made by Hand, with Love

    In today’s fashion marketplace, fast fashion has become an overwhelming problem. Thousands of tops, skirts, dresses, and more are being dumped into landfills after only a season, only to be replaced with ever more consumer goods. It’s a vicious cycle that’s bad for our planet and bad for high-end luxury fashion as well.

    An An Londree founders, Andrea Harisch and Angelika Paschbeck, saw this tragedy and decided it was time to do something about it. The longtime friends put their heads together, and with Andrea’s business background and Angelika’s luxury fashion design chops, a brand was born.

    Rather than quick and disposable fashions, they set out to make timeless pieces that you will absolutely not want to get rid of. They create beautiful clothing with traditional craftsmanship and unique, luxury detailing.

    Each piece in the collection is made by traditional methods. Even their silk labels are hand-embroidered! All leftover fabric is reimagined for use in accessories. The packaging used for their pieces is also completely free of plastic, instead opting for biodegradable and compostable bioplastics. Workers are paid fairly as well, with regular visits to global partners to ensure appropriate working conditions.

    An An Londree clothing is primarily made from high-quality materials such as silk or linen. Each fabric is hand-dyed or hand-printed – most are even handwoven. You’ll find fine details like hand-crocheted edges and hand-embroidered designs. This type of attention to detail is often not found in today’s fashions, but hearkens back to an age where quality was valued over quantity.

    Hand-crafting fashions may take a lot more time than mass production, but if you’re looking for quality and craftsmanship, there is simply no alternative. These pieces are durable and wearable, made for everyday life, rather than simply for high-end events and one-wear occasions.

    The collection features wearable fashions like dresses, blouses, skirts, and pants. These lovingly handcrafted pieces are designed to be worn again and again, becoming staples in your wardrobe and remaining there season after season. The luxurious detailing makes every piece unique and flattering, with silhouettes designed to accentuate and enhance. Colors and patterns are carefully selected to bring joy and grace into your daily routine.

    Both designers are fans of travel and art, bringing these aesthetics to the full line. Inspired by cultures around the world, look for global details in the collection. Silhouettes are crafted to move and dance, freely flowing in the wind or shifting and changing as the wearer strides through city streets. The magical movement of fabrics like silk and linen allow for an easy-wear experience that flatters most anyone.

    Pair a flowing silk dress with your favorite pair of designer boots and a denim jacket for a fun fall look. Or style with sandals and a brightly colored pair of earrings to add some flair and flow to your summer wardrobe. There’s really no wrong way to style these handcrafted pieces. They’re versatile and fun with a wearability you’re sure to adore. So go ahead and make an An An Londree piece yours today - you’ll surely be glad you did!