Alexandra Golovanoff

Alexandra Golovanoff


    The mantra of Alexandra Golovanoff's brand is simply this: "le tricot qui rend beau," when translated to english is "the sweater that makes you beautiful." Alexandra carefully picks colors to spin into flattering cashmere sweaters that are made to compliment your skin, hair and eyes! How's that for

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    Designer Parisian Knitwear

    Alexandra Golovanoff grew up in the heart of the fashion world, Paris. She then went on to pursue a career in fashion journalism, connecting with some of the top fashion designers in the world and seeing their designs through the lens of her interviews. Through her work, she got to spend time with icons such as Karl Lagerfeld and delve into the details of what makes truly inspired fashion.

    Born to parents who worked in antiques, Golovanoff has always found herself surrounded by beauty and luxury. She learned early on about the French concept of β€œles belles choses,” literally, the beautiful things. It is this aesthetic that has informed her life and her fashion.

    Today, she combines all of the inspiration, understanding, and ingenuity that she learned as a journalist with her own iconic sense of style and her Parisian roots. The result? An incredibly wearable knitwear collection that is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

    The key to fashion in Paris is the balance of opposing aesthetics. Designers blend formal and casual elements, refined elegance and the everyday, bold prints with soft fabrics, striking silhouettes with neutral colors. It is against this backdrop that Alexandra Golovanoff sets her knitwear collection. For her, balancing casual, almost boyish pieces with elegant accessories creates a sophistication that is as easy to achieve as it is to wear.

    Her iconic cashmere sweaters are designed to be both stunning to look at and a pleasure to wear. You won’t find anything skin-tight or overly fussy. Instead, she creates pieces that are designed to be worn and loved. If you keep her sweaters in your closet for decades and wear them as often as you can, her aim has been achieved.

    Not the type to suffer for the sake of fashion, Alexandra creates pieces that feel free and move well. Her sweaters and tops exude the refinement of the finest luxury fabrics, while putting the wearer completely at ease. These are pieces that simply beg to be worn, loved, and adored.

    Colors in the Alexandra Golovanoff collection have been carefully chosen to bring out the raw, natural beauty of the wearer. She selects shades that will highlight natural eye colors, skin tones, and hair colors, elevating your best features to bring out your own unique style and beauty.

    You may have seen her designs on the likes of Eva Chen, Sofia Coppola, Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, and Elle Macpherson. Her unique sense of luxury style lends itself to everyday life, with pieces that are as at home on the runway as they are in the grocery store.

    Pair Alexandra Golovanoff cashmere sweaters with your favorite pair of distressed designer jeans for a casual Saturday afternoon. Or dress them up with your favorite pair of stilettos and a statement blazer to take the board room by storm. No matter how you style these pieces, they’re sure to become a favorite in your wardrobe.