Grasshopper Ring

Daniela Villegas

Grasshopper Ring

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Daniela Villegas continues to surprise us with her innate ability to create lifelike creatures. This grasshopper ring from her latest collection is no exception. 18k yellow gold forms the body of the quizzical insect, with legs extended to form the ring's loops, letting your new found friend balance delicately atop your finger. Brilliant green emeralds then set the design alight with sparkle, mimicking the hue of its natural partner with aplomb.

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Why we love Daniela Villegas:
Daniela's intense curiosity of nature's nuances combined with her keen sense of color and artistic ability is clearly expressed in each of her delicate yet powerful creations. Most of her pieces are one of a kind, handmade with a strong emphasis on craft and detail. Daniela views life as a playground and full of adventure and vividly encourages all she creates to have this tone.

THE 411

Dimensions: 1.5" width x 0.4" height

Emeralds; 18K Yellow Gold

Size 7.5. Knuckle ring.


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