Gold Mirror Half Tote

Ampersand As Apostrophe

Gold Mirror Half Tote

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The golden hue of this half tote by Ampersand as Apostrophe has a tinge of vintage 70s vibes about it. The design is a take on the brand's signature tote, only halved to construct your favorite accessory in a more compact shape - perfect for those who prefer to travel light. Metallic enough to be mirrored, this design will quickly become the disco ball of your wardrobe, making every outfit shine.

Why we love Ampersand as Apostrophe:
The tote that is totally cool and totally essential. It sells to the piece each time a delivery lands on our doorstep. Click and purchase if you find one available…..stock is limited, your time loving it isn't!


10” H x 17" W x 6" D

Genuine leather, made from American hides. Metal zippers and hardware.

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